IO-GUARD enables access and intrusion monitoring of exposed infrastructure. Innovative sensor fusion provides high-sensitivity awareness of assets' surroundings.

Utilities (electricity, water, transportation), telecom companies, construction, and other asset-heavy industries get their assets at their fingertips.


IO-EYE is a snapshot camera that pushes the boundaries of what is possible with IoT. Image-based solutions are the new idea in low-power IoT, enabling a wide range of untapped use cases.

Waste management and recycling companies now have powerful tools to monitor industrial containers and dumpsters for fill level, material types, or recycling contamination.


An innovative sensor fusion design combines multiple low-power sensors to capture changes in the physical environment.


Wireless radio communication via low-power, long-range LoRaWAN or NB-IoT networks enables a robust connection to gateways and base stations, even in dense urban environments


Optimized for low-power operation and equipped with state-of-the-art durable batteries, autonomous devices provide maintenance-free operation for up to 10+ years.


Tools are provided for integrating with a variety of IoT platforms and workflows.

Machine Learning:

Sensor fusion provides an additional data layer, enabling machine learning optimization of device operational parameters.


IO-Elements Sensor Devices

IO-ELEMENTS sensor devices are designed to enable new B2B IoT use cases that were not possible with the previous generation of (M2M) technology.

This is achieved by utilizing innovative sensor fusion, low-power communications (LP-WAN), and other advancements in the Internet of Things technology stack. The battery-operated devices are optimized for low power consumption, allowing for an extended period of autonomous operation lasting up to 10 years. The installation and provisioning of devices are quick and simple, removing barriers to scaling and operating mass-deployed sensor networks. Each device can be remotely configured and finely tuned to adapt to the local environment.

Main Features

  • LPWAN (LoRaWAN and NB-IoT) compatible communication
  • Adjustable configuration for sensor operation
  • Straight-forward installation
  • Rich data set and comprehensive self-check tests
  • Designed for harsh environments (IP67, IK10)

Device integration and compatibility

IO-ELEMENTS devices are complex multi-sensor devices, providing rich data used to derive information and knowledge about the physical world. They are designed to integrate into various platforms and environments, using standard IoT communication protocols.

As the system grows in the number of devices, it becomes increasingly important to have data about the device operation. All our sensors include comprehensive self-checks and provide data needed for management and predictive maintenance of the sensor network itself.

Main Features

  • Rich data set sensors fusion
  • Devices compatible with main IoT platforms
  • Predictive maintenance data stream

IoT solutions for different verticals

The IO-ELEMENTS product range is developed and produced by Bitgear (DIGITAL TRANSFORMATION) with the purpose of enabling digital transformation in various verticals.

Bitgear has unique experience in IoT applications for businesses (B2B IoT). The solutions provided by Bitgear rely on the most modern IoT technology stack, practical innovation, a proven development methodology, and a deep understanding of the cyber-physical intersection.



  • In-house custom sensor devices design and production
  • Opportunity discovery
  • Service design
  • IoT-platforms based low-code implementations
  • IoT solutions enabling and support services

Use Cases

Access and intrusion monitoring of exposed infrastructure

An illustrative use case for IO-ELEMENTS is the monitoring of underground telecom cabling infrastructure. By implementing IO-Guard devices to control access and presence at manhole entrances, the incidents of stealing and damaging of copper and optical cables can be significantly reduced.

The immediate return on investment (RoI) comes from the direct cost savings associated with minimizing material theft and repair expenses. However, the benefits extend beyond these short-term gains. By enhancing the security of the infrastructure, the company can improve customer experience and increase the overall value of its services.

Enabling industrial waste management

Waste and recycling management operations greatly benefit from having knowledge of the fill level (and potentially other parameters such as material content) of dumpsters. This information allows for rightsizing and optimizing the transportation of partially filled containers.

However, retrofitting standard sensor devices onto large and elongated industrial containers is not a scalable solution. In this scenario, the IO-Eye snapshot camera is an ideal choice. It captures images that can be processed on the cloud using image processing techniques, extracting rich data that leads to significant savings in transport costs.

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